Get Interactive

September 3rd, 2019
As attention spans get shorter and social media is full of amazing food and cute dogs content, we as event managers are faced with the challenge to get the undivided attention of attendees. Catering to this might seem difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. By using the right ideas you can have guests participate in the event instead of passively soaking up the content.
From passive to active

Fact is that people who are actively participating in the learning process, remember more than those people who are passively listening to information. With today’s easily distracted audience it’s time to move on to more interactive event formats and turn your attendees from passive listeners into active co-creators of your meeting. Attendees will stay more focused when they have a two-way conversation with the speaker, rather than just a one way conversation. Audience live polling or a Q&A can be used to ask questions during a speaker session through a mobile app. The live polling technology can display the results in real time, so that the results can be used directly during the sessions.


You want your audience to feel involved with the experience and pay attention to what’s happing around them. Adding some elements of entertainment can have the attention-grabbing effect that turns your event into an immersive interactive experience. The formula for these kind of events can be various: integrate competitions, music performances or local offsite experiences to drive higher brand engagement by tapping into the personal interests of your attendees.

Social Wall

Images are able to evoke emotions and when this is shared by people you know the effect is magnified. Using a closed social media platform where your attendees can view, like and share event highlights can help organizers creating unforgettable experiences and maintain attendee interaction even after the event is over. Moments can be created in real-time guaranteeing a strong emotional connection between attendees that make the event even more memorable.

You’ve now got to know a few of our ideas to engage your audience! No longer it’s enough to just simply sell tickets to your event, you need to give people an experience. Having more interactivity during your event to engage and spark conversations is sure to increase the value that your attendees seek from your event. This can be small or big: from adding an entertaining element to creating a full event app to open up the conversation with your attendees.