Amazing Athens

April 2nd, 2020

Athens, a city of myths, monuments and ancient glory. The city where democracy was born, where art became an inseparable part of life and philosophy became a way of thinking. The modern Greek culture invites you to celebrate life! Feel how the city rapidly innovates, based on creativity and young entrepreneurship! 

Want to know more? Here’s our six reasons why to choose Athens for your next event.

Brightly Coloured

The tradition of art and history extends in contemporary Athens in a special and surprising way. A fresh wave of talented creatives draws the attention of international artists and curators to the city. Walking through the city center, almost ever street has been touched by local street artists. The level of graffiti art is unprecedentedly high. For many artists, the crisis years prompted inspiration and expression. Be ready to be surprised, delighted and inspired!

Go to the Islands

Business and pleasure are closer than you think in Athens! Some of the loveliest Greek islands are only a short ride away. Take a speedboat from the port of Piraeus and shoot across the water to the picturesque island of Aegina! Beautiful pine forests and views make you will forget about time. End the day by watching the sunset from a secluded beach during a private barbecue.

Eco-friendly Sight Seeing

Crisscross through Athens on a very special vehicle: the "Trikke". The electric tricycle ensures that you are able to see more of the city (and sweat less!). Through the scenic streets and alleys you will explore the well-hidden highlights of the city and the ancient landscapes. The ride of your life and above all, ecologically responsible too.

Creative Teambuilding

Athens is an ideal location for team building activities due to its privileged climate and beautiful nature. Want something unique? Try the following: split into teams, each member gets his or her own task: building, decorating ánd racing soapboxes! Penalties apply if the team is not able to pass the barriers properly or if the box is not solidly built. Get your team ready for action!

A Broad View

In ancient Greece, hospitality was a right and in the current society, the Greeks are still truly hospitable. So sit down, relax and imagine a view of the old city from a great rooftop terrace. In the city many roofs have been transformed into beautiful cocktail bars and restaurants. Enjoy delicious food and drinks with a view of the Acropolis and the beautiful lit Parthenon, and talk to the local guests about the joys of life. 

Old Recipes served Fresh

Greece has an ancient cooking tradition that goes back a long way. In the old center of Athens you can taste, taste, taste, and taste again! Locals visit the restaurants and markets frequently so don’t expect to be surrounded by tourists. For those with a sweet tooth,  taste traditional sweets like "Loukoumi" (Greek Turkish Delight) and "Mosaiko" (chocolate and biscuits). Add some "Kaimaki" (chewy ice cream) and enjoy a dessert like the Greeks do!