The X-Factors

How we exceed your standards.

Our X-factors are the beating heart of any meeting or event that we work on.
It's how we strive for excellence and make the best experience out of each day. 



To set the standard it is important to discuss your expectations. Let's start with a short brainstorm to go over the different parameters of the project and get a clear overview of what is expected.


Once the parameters are set, we go full speed and keep you in the loop of our progress. We take pride in exceeding your expectations where we can.

  • Fast response time
  • Dedicated & experienced team
  • Broad network of experts
  • One-stop-shop
  • Transparent
  • Dutch directness


You are the expert in your field of work, we are in ours. We take things out of your hands so you can focus on what is really important for you. Not without losing control, but by setting clear targets and milestones so we keep you informed at all times. We do this with our team of experts, each with their own expertise.

We have extensive experience in the hospitality and events business and we rely on a wide network of preferred suppliers when it comes to a more specific expertise. You name it and we can assist and/or connect you!


Our experienced team is ready to start your project: a small seminar, large congress, gala dinner, team building activities, corporate incentive or impeccable logistics.

Each project has its own story and each client is unique. Our Xpertise is to realize your project and tick all boxes of your wishes. Find out below what we can do for you.

Event Management

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Event Production

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Event Technology

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Local Services

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Time is precious so we start right away. It is regular business for us to come with a first answer within at least one business day, but it is our pride to do this faster where we can. With a small and dedicated team for each project we are able to shift quickly and start on what is important.

We can also understand you will not always need a complete package and perfer to do some parts yourself (or already have this in place). Not a problem! We are happy to create an "express package" to only take up those parts of the project that still needs to be covered. Whether this is only the first negotiation, the delegate registration or the onsite management, every part of the project can be discussed. You just tick the boxes of the parts you need and we get you up and running.


Practically everything can be bought online everywhere and online purchases are shipped all over the world. A message is sent quickly over the internet or through the mobile network.

Therefore it is important that people meet in person and have personal interaction, as this is always different than communicating virtually. Now when you add a shared experience to this meeting, guests share something special.

This is not something you can just go out and buy, this is where all the factors come together and where you experience together. Whether this is something futuristic or just really authentic, it is a unique experience that will be memorable.


To create a unique experience and to provoke interactivity it is good to have your guests explore. Show something new and make an impression, create a memory. This does not necessarily mean you need to bring them to the other end of the world, a lot of times there are local hidden gems that can even surprise locals.

  • Did you know an exclusive dinner can be organized in the food market in the middle of the city of Stockholm?  
  • Dinner on the Montjuic overlooking the city of Barcelona with an awesome view?
  • Sleep in a 19th century palace in the city centre of Madrid?
  • An exclusive dinner atop the "Reichstag" in Berlin?
  • Or explore the Amsterdam canals during the aperitif on your private boat?

These are only a few teasers, we create an exclusive memorable experience for you and your guests. 


We work on an exclusive basis and connect a dedicated team to every project to be close to the clients we work with. We have an effective management team that is always involved in our projects and is happy to assist where needed. 

We add value to your events with new inspiration following the latest trends. There is no "one size fits all" in perfection, we reinvent ourselves for every project and our knowledge is at your service to excecute an exclusive experience to remember.