Privacy Statement


The Meetings Group will never use the data of the visitors of its websites for offering products or services (direct marketing, e-mail spam or the like). The Meetings Group does not make data about its visitors available to third parties. Where technical specifications of a request, click, dispay, search query or the like are mentioned, we mean: requested URL, IP address, time, HTTP-referrer-URL (including occasionally your search terms at a search engine), user-agent string, type of browser, screen size and the like. We do not verify (even if we could) who uses which IP-address at what moment and thus we do not trace these data back to your person.

The Meetings Group does not register any special personal data, on the field of religion or belief, race or origin, health, sexual life, criminal justice, political affiliation or membership of a trade union.


When you visit our websites then the technical specifications of your requests are kept in so-called log files on our servers. This data is solely used for statistical analysis and is kept for a maximum of a couple of months. We do not verify (even if we could) who uses which IP-address at what moment and thus we do not trace these data back to your person.


When you complete and submit a contact-, subscription- or information form on one of our website, or send us an e-mal, then the data you send us are kept together with the technical specifications for as long as the nature of the form and your message deems necessary for the complete answer, processing and/or accountablity in response to your message. Your message can also be kept in our e-mail archive, where it can be kept as a result of back up procedures and legal data retention for up to seven years.


When in our opinion there has been abuse or inappropriate use of our facilities, then we can deny access to specific IP-addresses and/or e-mail addresses for a limited or unlimited time at our discretion. When there has been abuse where third parties have been damaged in their interests, we can make that specific data available to those third parties. In case of abuse we can try to trace back the data to your person, for example by contacting you, a parent, guardian, teacher, supervisor, manager, overall responsible or the like, to file a report or take into court over this matter.

The Meetings Group will make data available when this will be obliged by the authorities.


Where in this privacy policy a request in writing is mentioned, you can initially submit this via the contact form or by e-mail. In connection to the manyforms of abuse of online communication (among which form spam and e-mail spam), we can not guarantee that such request will reach us. Also experience shows that online requests are often incomplete or careless and do not contain all necessary information to handle the request. Therefore we only regard us bound to a suitable reaction to an actual request in writing. Which means: by means of a decent letter, typewritten or readable handwritten on paper, including name and address of the sender, dated and signed, containing a clear request together with all appicable data, delivered by mail to the registered address of The Meetings Group.